Freight Elevator

Careston freight elevator series apply micro-computer control technology.  Goods can be transported under various harsh environments.  It features as safe, reliable, high structural strength, durable, smooth operation, large door-opening distance, high cost performance and so on.  It is an ideal choice for factory, warehouse, department store, housing property management etc.


Gear-less asynchronous traction machine

Freight elevator with machine room applies worm gear as decelerator drive device.  It effectively reduces running noise by traction machine.  It enhances smooth operation with large drive ratio, compact structure, steady drive, well-developed technology, high repair efficiency, low repair cost.


VVVF variable frequency door machine system

Drive of Careston door motor applies advanced variable frequency, variable voltage, variable speed (VVVF) technology.  It saves electric energy.  Plus door machine structure with none link-lever synchronous belt, it is more smooth and peaceful to elevator door opening / closing.


LED energy-saving lighting system

At present, Careston car lighting system applies environment-protection and energy-saving LED lighting decoration in lumination industry.  With same luminous intensity, it saves as high as 80% of power than ordinary light tube.  It features as small bulk, low heat etc.  It saves energy and beautifies the car decoration.

Security Oriented

Durable high intensity materials

Careston freight elevator applies high intensity section material to make elevator car.  It executes special reinforced design to car chassis.  It brings about the more durable products.  It will not get aged easily.

Anti-collision strip (optional)

Anti-collision strip effectively prevents inner wall of elevator car from deformation / damage.  Elevator operates nicely.  Bright yellow anti-collision strip has prompt and alarm effects.

Safety device system

Safety tongs, decelerator switch, limit switch, pit buffer, machine room decelerator etc. in Careston car have series connection to compose safety system.  Any sector acts to disconnect the host power and brake the car.

wisdom Oriented

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    Superior technology, comfortable energy-saving

    It applies VVVF speed regulation technology.  It largely reduces power supply capacity.  Compared with traditional AC double-speed technology, it saves nearly 40% of energy.  It cuts down the elevator power-consumption to maximum extent.  Therefore, freight elevator becomes forerunner in its developing orientation of speed governor technology.  No matter load is heavy or not, it can adjust the elevator speed, get the constant torque characteristics.  It greatly improves the comfortable elevator operation, leveling accuracy.  It lowers down the running noise.

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    Sensitive control system

    Currently, Careston freight elevator applies modular micro-computer collective-selective control with wide application.  It features as simple programming, stable and convenient operation, easy installation and debugging, nice repair / maintenance etc. with quick responsive speed, short waiting time.  Digital floor appears elegant and graceful.

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    Light curtain door protection system

    Careston applies advanced infrared ray door protection system.  It sensitively reacts to any person / object that enters into the probing area.  If ray of light gets disturbed, it quickly re-opens without damaging passengers / goods.  It thus ensures that both passengers and goods safely enter into / exit form the elevator.

Experience Oriented

Multiple door-opening modes

In order to satisfy the users’ different entry / exit requirements, Careston freight elevator has side opening, center-opening double-folded door, one-way door, two-way door for your choice.  It flexibly matches with the buildings in factory, warehouse, department store, housing property management etc.

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